Whew, this is more work than I thought.  But what isn’t.  Lots left to do, and less than a week til departure.  How do I know what I’ll want to eat 4 months from now?  Note: “Hunger is the best seasoning.”

I’m buying food, testing gear, rechecking my schedule, and generally in the same manic state as before any trip.  Just seems like the way it goes.  Luckily, I’ve lowered my expectations and am now going to do more on the fly than I originally planned.  This has two benefits: less work now, and more flexibility later.  That’s what I’m telling myself.


One thought on “Preparations

  1. Hey, I saw you subscribed to my blog, thanks 🙂

    Yeah…only a week…so is this really happening?! I am so excited! And yes, it’s food-planning crunch-time now! I wonder if I’ll be able to look at an energy bar without gagging after this trip. On the other hand, maybe energy bars will always remind me of feeling good in the fresh wilderness air. We’ll see!

    *Love* the quote.

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