The 11th Hour

I’m writing on my last night before starting the hike.  Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I’ll leave San Diego and my gracious hiker hosts Frodo and Scout will drop me off at the US-Mexico border.  Not quite sure what to say.  I’ve had a great time in LA with my cousin Bridget, seeing the California coast and doing necessary errands.  Palm trees, sea air, and bright bright so cal sun-it seems to be the life to aspire to down here.  The train ride to San Diego capped off that today, with spectacular views along the coast when the track wasn’t LA slumming.  The train ride also introduced me to my first hiker of the trip, Swissmiss, who hiked last year and is going back for the Lake Morena reunion.  Now I’m surrounded by other hikers, both past and current, and this is starting to seem real.  Trail names are bringing me back to xc days, and the hospitality is just as good.  For folks keeping score, remember this number; 19 pounds.   That’s the weight of my pack without food or water (which really hurt the number) and I’ll see how that weight feels tomorrow as I hike the first 20 miles to the PCT kickoff event at Lake Morena.

Thanks to everyone for all the support.  I hope this will be the first of many posts on this adventure.   And so it begins.


One thought on “The 11th Hour

  1. Cricket, you beast! I’m looking forward to some great tales. How’s that for pressure! Walking in the Tetons is a long way off yet but right now I’m content with staring. Certainly enjoy the accessible terrain beneath your feet!

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