Knocking at Canada’s Door

Day 147 Mazama, WA Mile 2573

Reaching Highway 20 in the dark last night, my headlamp fading, what better sight to see than my dad and sister standing at the trailhead!  It was a long push that day to make it there, but well worth seeing them and being shuttled down to Brent and Boo’s place in cozy Mazama for steak, salad, ice cream, and a warm bed.   First things first though, a Baumeister rootbeer from Wisconsin in the darkened parking lot with the stars glowing overhead.  No cold instant potatoes for me!

It’s been a wild ride through the spectacular Alpine Lakes and Glacier Peak Wilderness over the last week, traversing some of Washington’s finest and most rugged Cascade scenery.  There were several more typical wet and cold days (making me add item #11 to the list in a warm house), but for the most part the views continued around every corner as Canada came ever closer.  Now there are only 70 odd miles to Manning Park, and it’s hard to believe this ride will soon be over.  For now, I’ll try to ignore my sore feet, open my eyes wide to the beauty around me, and be thankful for all that has been.  Real life is soon to resume.  Or is it coming to a close?



3 thoughts on “Knocking at Canada’s Door

  1. Congratulations Cricket!!! You have achieved something that so few people have, mostly in this year of record snowpacks.
    It was great getting a chance to meet you. Hope you enjoy UofO, and good luck in all your future endeavors.


  2. Davy – your Iowa-based PCT Support Crew is now home. As you well know, we are amazed at the accomplishment of you and other PCT thru-hikers. Memories for a lifetime. We are so glad we could connect at the end and assist the effort with a cold Baumeister and other amenities. Eat well, sit, read, and enjoy the new life of Eugene. We love you.

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