AM summit PM track work

Summit of Bachelor with Three Sisters and Broken Top behind.

Just another Tuesday in Bend. Woke up at seven and headed to Mt Bachelor with Rocklocks and Spoons for a lap. With blue blue skies overhead we reached the summit in a leisurely 90 minutes. Only two other people nearby. Much more melting since my last ski nearly 3 weeks ago. Views from Crater Lake south to Hood north. Not a single cloud other than a prescribed burn, the smoke column lollygagging westward. Descended a slightly different route off the groomed path, and turned through my first real corn snow. Tremendous! Such responsiveness and flow made me feel more competent than I actually am. Wove through a few exposed lava sections, which is good practice for South Sister. Back in town hit the donut shop for a massive cinnamon roll.

Returned to the house at noon, ate lunch, and headed to work. Worked. Biked home at five, laced up my flats and jogged to the middle school track: 8x800m with 2min core drills for “recovery.” Honestly not my best Tuesday workout; don’t know if it was the ski, 75 degrees, or just slug legs, but I was well behind Max the whole way. Low 2:30s in no man’s land. Last week I closed 4xmile on the grass in 4:38! Can’t crush em all, but I’ll take solace in my Bend double. Not too many places you can ski a volcano in the morning, work the afternoon, and hit the track with 30 other people the same evening. Time to rest prior to the Dirty Half race. Should be a local showdown.

Spoons waiting for us on the ascent.

Spoons waiting for us on the way up.

Swimming anyone?


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