I seem to be attracted to moving through miles, and the more interesting, the better.

I grew up in Iowa and come from a traditional running background of cross country and track. While these are both home and dear to me, my first love has always been the mountains. From an initial taste on a family vacation to Colorado, to hiking and running through ranges around the country and world, there are few experiences for me that match the exhilaration of topping out on a summit or seeing ridge after ridge fade to the horizon. I have begun to combine my passions for running and mountains, spurred by the thrill of moving through beautiful landscapes and the hunch that my strength lies in covering challenging terrain. The hillier the race course, the muddier the footing, the worse the weather, the better I seem to finish and more fun I have. This blog shares stories from the miles and mountains that keep me hungry and dreaming. When in need of clear thinking or a good view, just head for tree line.

On Mt Massive in Colorado

Mt Massive in Colorado



2 thoughts on “About

    • GQ John,

      Hello there and welcome to Eugene! Sorry for a slow response, I’m not a blog zealot anymore like I was on the trail. I definitely remember hearing your name and seeing you in the registers. I’ve been counting my time off trail in sync with time at school, so just wrapping up 10 weeks! Hard to believe. We should for sure swap stories; not a day goes by when I don’t reminisce in some form.

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