2015 Races and Events

4/12 Corvallis Half, OR (knee injury)

5/10 Eugene Marathon, OR (knee injury)

6/14 Bend Dirty Half [7th, 1:19:28]

6/26 Montrail 6k Uphill Challenge, Squaw Valley [4th, 39:00]

6/27 pacing Seth Spooter Kelly at Western States 100, CA [12th, 18:06]

7/25 US Mountain Championships, Bend OR [19th, 52:10]

7/31-8/2 Headwaters Relay, MT [1st coed team]

8/9 Angels Staircase 35k, WA (wildfire)

9/19 Crystal Mountain Sky Marathon, WA (US Sky Running Series)

10/3 Flagstaff Sky 39k, AZ (US Sky Running Series)

2014 Races and Events

3/16 Portland Shamrock 15k, OR [4th 48:31 pr]

5/17 Bend Pole Pedal Paddle, OR [1st M25-29 team]

7/6 Loon Mtn US Championships, Lincoln NH [14th 56:09 first time]

7/25-27 Headwaters Relay, MT

8/16 Pikes Peak Ascent, CO [22nd 2:29:26 pr, 8th American]

9/21 Flagline 50k US Championships, Bend OR [7th 3:45 debut]

11/23 EWEB Half Marathon, Eugene OR [1st 72:16]

12/7 California International Marathon, Sacramento CA [41st 2:27:28 road debut]

2013 Races and Events

3/17 Portland Shamrock 15k, OR [1st 48:55]

4/12 John Knight Twilight 5000m, Monmouth OR [3rd 15:08]

4/28 Eugene Half Marathon, OR [5th 1:08:37 debut]

5/18 Bend Pole Pedal Paddle, OR [2nd team div]

6/21 Midnight Sun Run 10k, Fairbanks AK [3rd 33:30]

7/21 Eugene City Center Mile, OR [10th 4:37]

7/26-28 Headwaters Relay, MT

8/17 Pikes Peak Ascent, CO [4th 2:30:03]

9/7 Alaska Cross Country Invite 4k, Fairbanks AK [2nd 12:42]

9/21 Equinox Marathon, Fairbanks AK [1st 2:49:21 debut]

12/14 US Club XC Championships, Bend OR [112th 33:49]


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